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Stafford Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury is a broad field of law which covers accidental injuries. Victims often suffer major financial losses related to lost income and medical bills through no fault of their own. They can also experience less tangible losses like physical pain, discomfort, and depression.

Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm has represented hundreds of clients in personal injury matters. Our firm has had great success negotiating settlements for fair compensation, and we credit our detailed knowledge of personal injury law for our success. If you have questions about your legal rights after an accident, call our firm to speak with a Stafford personal injury lawyer today.

We Are a Full-Service Personal Injury Firm

Our law firm has tackled all sorts of personal injury cases, especially those related to:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. We can negotiate with an insurance company for car, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian accidents. Complications often arise when the motorist at fault lacks necessary insurance, or the evidence is unclear about who is at fault.
  • Slip and fall. Anyone can slip or trip in a public building, business, or private residence. Some hazards include loose tiles or floorboards, uneven floors, torn carpets, waxed floors, and spilled liquids. The property owner should use reasonable care to keep the premises safe.
  • Premises liability accidents. Other accidents on property include falling merchandise, fires, swimming pool accidents, and negligent security. You deserve an experienced lawyer who can investigate and identify whether you have a valid legal claim.
  • Animal bites. Thousands of people are bitten and injured by dogs, snakes, spiders, and birds. Even though you might think these injuries are minor, they come with a high risk of dangerous infections.

In the coming days and weeks, you might be unsure of your rights. Maybe the defendant’s insurer is making noises about a settlement, and you aren’t sure how much your claim is worth. Or an insurance adjuster tells you that you’re responsible for the accident when you know that simply isn’t the case. This is a confusing time, and few people know where to turn.

Our Stafford personal injury lawyer can represent you in negotiations and find evidence. It is never too soon to reach out to ask any questions that you have. We can explain more about our experience and how we have helped other accident victims in Stafford come out with fair settlements.

Our firm has built its success by:

  • Leaving no stone unturned in figuring out how the accident happened. Without reconstructing the accident, it’s much harder to advocate for compensation.
  • Passionately advocating for the rights of our clients. We make sure insurance companies take your claim seriously.
  • Answering every question posed by the insurance company, which allows you to rest and recover.
  • Knowing how much a client’s claim is worth and conveying this knowledge to the defendant and their insurer.

Arrange a Free Consultation Today

In the days following an accident, it might feel like the world is out of control. Take charge by calling Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm to speak with our Stafford personal injury lawyer.

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