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Supplemental Evidence In Personal Injury Claims


Evidence immediately available at the scene of a collision is usually enough to make a prima facie case. This preliminary case is strong enough to survive procedural motions. However, it is not strong enough to overcome insurance company legal challenges and obtain maximum compensation for victims. Attorneys usually need additional evidence to do these things.

As a result, the evidence collection process may seem cumbersome and time consuming. However, if a Missouri City car accident lawyer settles a case without the most evidence available, and the best evidence available, victims must most likely settle for less. Good lawyers never look for quick settlements and easy ways out. Instead, they do whatever it takes to obtain maximum compensation.

Independent Medical Examinations

Non-specialist doctors do their best to diagnose and treat head injuries and other car crash-related injuries. Unfortunately, their best often is not enough. These injuries are very difficult to diagnose and treat. Initial head injury symptoms, like neck soreness and disorientation, mimic accident shock. Additionally, the brain conceals its own injuries. So, when doctors ask these patients about head injury symptoms, these victims often honestly say that they “feel fine.”

A medical specialist makes a big difference. Specialists know how to diagnose and treat injury-related conditions. Frequently, such advanced interventions aren’t necessary. Instead, a medical specialist simply reviews the file and confirms that the treating physician is on the right track.

Additionally, if court testimony is necessary, specialists are much more effective witnesses than non-specialists. Specialists have added credentials that impress jurors. Furthermore, most specialists are familiar with the litigation process in Texas. As a result, their court testimony is more solid and more difficult for insurance company lawyers to undermine.

Additional Witness Statements

Typically, only a handful of witnesses loiter at accident scenes so they can give official statements to police officers. Thus, these witnesses might only give a Missouri City personal injury attorney part of the puzzle.

Additional witness statements are usually available. Some of these witnesses may provide adverse testimony. If so, a lawyer is better prepared to handle the legal defenses they support. Other witnesses only saw part of the wreck. These witnesses might be the key missing ingredient in a powerful case.

Not all witnesses are legally competent to testify. Still others aren’t credible enough to help a victim/plaintiff’s case. Only an attorney can make these judgment calls.

Some additional witnesses aren’t human. Most cars and trucks have Event Data Recorders. These gadgets measure and record things like engine RPM, vehicle speed, brake application, and steering angle. This vital evidence is almost bulletproof in court. Unlike people, computers are never wrong, as long as they are working properly.

Accident Reconstruction Reports

Sometimes, multiple, well-funded agencies contribute to a police accident report. These reports are usually very reliable. Other times, a single, underfunded agency, and usually a single person from this agency, generates the report. Even the most experienced first responder is not an accident reconstruction professional.

In these cases, attorneys often partner with such professionals. These individuals put bits of evidence together like paint dollops on an artist’s palette and create a compelling picture for jurors. Once jurors see this picture, they are usually willing to award maximum compensation.

This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Work With a Diligent Fort Bend County Attorney

Injury victims are entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Missouri City, contact the Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.

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