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Possible Damages In A Houston Car Accident


Car accidents happen every day. While many are minor fender benders that cause little damage and no injuries, there are also a lot of crashes that cause significant injuries. Car accident injuries can range from bruises and whiplash to broken bones, brain damage, paralysis, amputation, and even death.

When a negligent party has caused you to suffer financial, physical, or emotional losses, you can recover compensation for all these damages. Damages from a car accident can be divided into three main categories, which are outlined in more detail below.

 Economic (Special) Damages 

These are the damages that most people associate with a car accident. Economic damages include your financial losses, such as damage to your vehicle, medical expenses, lost wages, and any other expenses you incurred due to the crash. If you require ongoing or future medical treatment, you’ll want to obtain compensation for that as well. The same goes for any lost earning capacity. If you cannot perform your job duties because you lost a limb in an accident, for example, you may not be able to earn the same income as before. If the accident resulted in fatality, surviving family members could file a claim for burial and funeral expenses as well.

 Non-Economic (General) Damages 

There are also non-economic damages, which refer to non-financial damages that cannot be easily calculated. They may include mental and emotional losses due to a car accident, such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, reduced quality of life, mental anguish, physical impairment, scarring, and disfigurement. In a fatality, surviving family members could also file a claim for loss of companionship, loss of support, loss of consortium, and other damages based on their relationship with the deceased.

These damages are harder to calculate, though. There are various formulas that may be used. In many cases, the economic damages are calculated and multiplied by a number between 1 and 5 based on the degree of pain and suffering the victim is in.

 Punitive (Exemplary) Damages

In cases of extreme recklessness or negligence, you may also be able to sue for punitive damages. Punitive damages can be put in place to punish the defendant for their behavior. The court has the discretion to award these damages if there is sufficient evidence to prove that the damages the victim suffered were the result of gross negligence, malice, or fraud. An example would be drinking and driving or intentional behavior in an attempt to harm someone.

However, before punitive damages can be awarded, the jury must come to a unanimous decision regarding both liability and the amount of punitive damages to award in the case.

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A car accident can result in significant injuries and other damages. You may have long-term or permanent injuries that require extensive medical treatment. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

A Missouri City car accident lawyer from Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm can help in your time of need. See how we can help you recover compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Call (713) 234-0300 or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation.



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