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Sienna Truck Accident Lawyer

Were you hurt in a truck accident? Many large vehicles race along Highway 6 hauling freight at all hours of the day, and dozens of people are injured each year when they collide with these massive vehicles.

Any time a trucker causes a wreck, injured people gain a legal right to sue for compensation. The process is much harder than many people imagine. Trucking companies avoid responsibility and work overtime to blame innocent people for their injuries. Call Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with our Sienna truck accident lawyer.

Who is Responsible for Your Truck Accident?

Many people automatically assume the truck driver is to blame, especially if the truck rolls over, crashes head on, or rides up onto smaller vehicles. A truck driver’s negligence or distraction could make the trucker liable.

But other people might be at fault. For example, a trucking company could negligently hire its truckers and fail to perform background checks. They might also refuse to pull a driver who fails a drug test or physical exam. Trucking companies can also let their vehicles fall into disrepair to the point they are dangerous to drive. A mechanic or body shop could also fail to do repair work properly, which means they share liability.

Other accidents are caused by loading companies, who do not secure the freight properly. A truck can jackknife or roll over when the center of gravity shifts dramatically.

Call a Sienna truck accident lawyer at our firm. Our lawyer will quickly begin gathering evidence:

  • Inspect the vehicles involved, which might yield clues about defects or whether cargo was properly balanced and secured.
  • Tell the trucking company to preserve electronic data, which can identify how long the trucker was driving or whether they braked before the crash.
  • Interview witnesses who saw the accident for evidence regarding what happened.
  • Visit the accident scene to check if a road defect contributed to the accident.
  • Speak with trucking company employees to better understand their compliance with state and federal laws.

Based on this evidence, we can submit a claim for compensation to cover your medical bills. Truck accidents cause very serious injuries. Many victims can’t work for weeks or months, and we can request lost income or wages, too.

We also fight for compensation to cover car damage, physical pain, emotional distress, and other related losses. You should never expect a trucking company to make a fair offer. They often use Texas law to push responsibility onto you, alleging you cut the trucker off or weren’t paying attention. Hire a lawyer who knows how to fight back against underhanded tactics.

The Law Firm to Call Following a Truck Accident

Truck accidents destroy smaller vehicles and change lives. Take control of your future by getting the legal help you need. You can be sure trucking companies will have dozens of lawyers working on their cases. Never go into negotiations alone and expect fair treatment. Instead, call our firm to speak with our experienced Sienna truck accident lawyer about your accident.

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