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Sienna Car Accident Lawyer

Accidents happen in a blink of an eye. People who are driving to work or church suddenly find themselves in a ditch or hanging upside down and their cars. Motorists and their families are often confused about what happened, but they are quickly burdened with massive medical bills and other expenses.

At Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm, our Sienna car accident lawyer will step in and help an accident victim determine whether they can seek compensation. It’s possible to bring an insurance claim for compensation, so contact us today.

Can You Receive Money for a Car Accident?

Accidents happen in many ways. Maybe you were carefully driving through an intersection when someone T-boned you, or you were waiting for a light to change when a motorist comes up from behind and crashes into you. Many of our clients end up in the hospital with painful injuries and no recollection of the accident.

Our car accident lawyer can help. The key to figuring out if you can receive compensation is identifying who is at fault. Generally, most accidents are caused by negligent drivers. Anyone speeding, driving illegally, texting, or intoxicated is usually at fault for a wreck. The same is true of someone who passes illegally or fails to check a blind spot before changing lanes on the highway.

Our law firm’s job is to identify possible sources of compensation:

  • Liability insurance. Texas requires that drivers carry insurance to cover any accident they cause. When another driver is at fault, we can submit an insurance claim for compensation to cover your car damage, medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Uninsured motorist insurance. Too many drivers lack necessary insurance. Fortunately, most clients often have uninsured motorist insurance, which kicks in when you are struck by an uninsured driver or involved in a hit and run. This is fault-based insurance.
  • Collision coverage. This insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle. It is no fault insurance which is optional in Texas. Most people with a car loan will have collision insurance, as required by your lender.
  • Medical payments. This optional, no-fault insurance will pay for medical care to treat any injuries suffered in a wreck.

In some accidents, another entity is to blame. For example, a hazardous road could have led to a collision. Our legal team will review all evidence to assign fault. You might end up suing a rental car company, mechanic, or municipality for a preventable accident. You need an experienced lawyer who knows how to bring a claim against these entities.

Proudly Representing Accident Victims for 20 Years

Nobody injured in an accident should negotiate an insurance claim alone. Too much is at stake. Many claims adjusters will blame you for the accident, denying you of necessary compensation or offering only a fraction of what you deserve. Our firm has stood toe-to-toe with many of the largest insurance companies in the state. We know how to negotiate a settlement that brings a sense of closure to the accident. Contact our firm today to speak with a Sienna car accident lawyer.

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