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Multiple Injuries in Jersey Village Car Crash


Several people were rushed to area hospitals after a 76-year-old woman apparently hit the accelerator instead of the brake as she parked, causing her car to crash into a building.

Nine people total were reportedly injured and one person was taken to the hospital via lifeflight, authorities say.

Officials say three people were taken to the hospital by ambulance. The five other victims had minor injuries which were treated at the scene.

According to authorities, the victims’ ages range from 16 to 76-year-old.

Ancillary Medical Expenses

The average injury-related hospital bill is just over $40,000. In many cases, ancillary medical expenses exceed this total. A Sugar Land car accident lawyer can obtain compensation for direct and indirect medical expenses.

Frequently, transportation is the largest item in this category, especially if the victim is airlifted to a hospital. Such airlifts are quite common in catastrophic injury matters, because a few minutes could literally be the difference between life and death. Such flights are also common after wrecks in rural locations, like an isolated stretch of an interstate, because the closest hospital isn’t very close.

Similarly, many victims are airlifted from one hospital to another, once again especially in rural collisions. Many hospitals in these areas don’t have fully-equipped trauma centers. So, these doctors can only stabilize patients and send them to larger facilities.

A medevac helicopter is basically a flying hospital. Therefore, a brief ride, under twenty minutes, could cost more than $40,000.

Prescription drug costs are often significant as well. Most people only pay a $25 or other small copay for a medicine that could cost thousands of dollars. Mist group health policies exclude injury-related costs, meaning that the victim is financially responsible for the entire amount.

We should also discuss physical therapy costs. If Adam breaks his leg in a fall, he might only need a few physical therapy sessions to regain lost function. But if Adam shatters his leg in a car crash, physical therapy will be much longer and more expensive. Furthermore, the outcome is more uncertain. Serious shattered bones usually cause permanent injuries, such as lost range of motion in a hip or other joint.

Resolving Car Wreck Claims

These accident-related costs must be paid eventually. Therefore, a Missouri City personal injury lawyer tries to settle claims out of court if at all possible. Legal fees are usually lower in such situations, victims are compensated more quickly, and the defendant cannot tie the settlement up in appeals courts.

However, if a case settles too quickly, maximum compensation might be unavailable. Frequently, defendants conceal the best evidence in these cases until judges force them to disclose it.

Therefore, moat car crash claims settle during mediation. A professional mediator oversees settlement negotiations and ensures that both sides negotiate on good faith. “Take it or leave it” and other such offers that leave little or no room for negotiation are not good faith offers or counteroffers.

Mostly because of this good faith negotiation requirement, mediation is usually successful even if it seems hopeless.

Count on a Dedicated Fort Bend County Attorney

Injury victims are entitled to significant compensation. For a confidential consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Missouri City, contact the Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm. We routinely handle matters throughout the Lone Star State.



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