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Missouri City Premises Liability Lawyer

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Premises liability refers to the legal duty of a property owner to keep their premises free from unreasonable hazards for the safety of people lawfully on the premises. A slip and fall accident is one way property owners can be held liable for causing injury to another, but a premises liability claim can arise out of several different situations. If you were injured on the property or premises of another because of a hazardous condition, inadequate supervision, faulty equipment, or other reasons attributed to the negligence of the property owner or an employee, you could have a premises liability claim and be entitled to compensation for your injuries and all the legal damages you’ve suffered. Call our experienced Missouri City premises liability lawyer today.

Texas Premises Liability Law

Premises liability claims are more complicated in Texas than in most other states due to several unique features of Texas premises liability law. The Texas premises liability statutes go out of their way to limit the liability of landowners and property owners for injuries that occur on their land. For example, owners of agricultural land are not liable for injuries to trespassers except for willful or wanton acts or gross negligence by the owner. That same limitation applies to owners of agricultural land who grant permission or invite others onto the property for recreation (hunting, fishing, swimming, boating, camping, picnicking, hiking, water sports, bicycling, walking dogs, rock climbing, etc.). Even owners of nonagricultural land are not liable for injuries on the property when they’ve given permission for others to enter the premises for recreation, including all the activities mentioned above plus hockey, skating, rollerblading, rollerblading, paintball and more.

Aside from recreational activities, property owners like store owners can be liable to people on their premises for hazards they created or that they knew about or should have known about but didn’t repair or put up a warning within a reasonable time. Whether the property owner is liable to the victim is further complicated depending on whether the injury victim is an “invitee,” like a customer or guest, or a “licensee,” like a delivery person or maintenance worker. Property owners have a duty toward invitees to routinely inspect their premises and promptly fix any hazards, and they are liable for hazards they knew about or should have known about. For licensees, the duty is to warn about hidden dangers the owner knows of but the licensee might not.

Comprehensive Missouri City Premises Liability Law Firm

Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm maintains a wide-ranging premises liability law practice in communities like Missouri City, Sugar Land, and Pearland throughout the Missouri City metro area. Call us now if you suffered injury as a result of any of the following incidents on the property of another:

  • Slippery floors or surfaces
  • Poor lighting
  • Unleashed or unattended animals
  • Unsafe or unattended swimming pools
  • Uneven/cracked pavement
  • Uneven stairs or loose railings
  • Holes dug on the property
  • Faulty elevators
  • Broken windows, doors or equipment
  • Defective amusement park rides

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Sadly, Texas is a leader in the nation when it comes to serious and fatal dog attacks. People die every year from dog bites and attacks in Missouri City and throughout Texas, from infants only days old to toddlers, adults, and senior citizens. Non-fatal dog bites can cause painful and horrifying injuries, including facial lacerations, scarring and disfigurement, broken or crushed bones, nerve damage, organ damage, amputations, deep and drug-resistant bacterial infections, and permanent psychological damage, including anxiety and PTSD. Although Texas doesn’t have a dog bite statute on the books like most other states, it is still possible to hold dog owners liable for injuries caused by their animal’s bites, attacks, knock-downs, or other aggressive behavior. If the animal had bitten or acted aggressively in the past or the owner otherwise knew or should have known that the dog had vicious propensities, the owner can be held strictly liable for any injuries and damage caused. Owners can also be liable for attacks caused by their negligent handling or control of the animal, regardless of whether they had any reason to believe it might be dangerous.

At the Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm, we understand how scary, painful and disruptive a dog bite can be. We’ll work to get the maximum amount of compensation available to help you deal with the injury and fallout of an attack on you or a member of your family.

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If you’ve been injured because of a dangerous condition on another’s property or a property owner’s negligence, the Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm can help you get the justice and compensation you need and deserve. Call our experienced Missouri City premises liability lawyer today.

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