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Manvel Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries range from mild concussions to life-changing catastrophic injuries. Many people are unaware they have a brain injury following an accident, but in the coming days they experience some common symptoms. This type of injury can completely upend your life. Many accident victims must give up working, at least temporarily, and others need months of intense rehabilitation. You deserve compensation when someone injures you in a car accident, slip and fall, truck collision, or other accident. Call Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm to speak with our Manvel brain injury lawyer.

Brain Injury Symptoms & Treatment

The brain is involved in almost anything we do. For that reason, trauma will probably manifest in certain ways, such as:

  • Physical impairment: Many people struggle with balance or coordination, or they cannot move as they used to.
  • Mood swings: A brain injury can change someone’s personality, leading to depression or anxiety. Others will suffer from schizophrenia or other serious mental illnesses like that.
  • Speech impediment: Depending on where the brain is affected, you might be unable to talk like you used to, even if you can still understand language.
  • Sensory impairment: Many brain injuries cause ringing in the ears, blurred vision, or increased sensitivity.

Following a crash or other accident, go to the hospital. A doctor might order an imaging test. Some brain injuries lead to bleeding inside the cranium. This is a very dangerous condition, which can lead to death if the pressure isn’t relieved.

Many brain injury victims struggle with disability and unemployment for years later. IN fact, more than half will still be unemployed and dealing with physical impairments after 5 years. Grueling treatment can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral therapy. No pill can make a concussion or brain injury disappear, though they can help with symptoms.

How We Help Brain Injury Victims

Our job as your legal advocate is to identify who caused the brain injury and whether they are legally liable. Our firm can then bring a claim for compensation against the defendant.

Typically, we seek money for medical care, including future rehabilitation or prescriptions. We also seek money to replace lost income, which is a real possibility when someone suffers a brain injury. Lastly, we always consider money for emotional distress, mental anguish, physical pain, and reduction in the quality of your life.

Our firm will:

  • Investigate what caused the accident
  • Coordinate with your medical team and insurance companies about your case
  • Value your brain injury, including economic and non-economic losses
  • Negotiate with the defendant for a settlement
  • Litigate your claim in court when necessary

Call our firm today. A Manvel brain injury lawyer is available to meet for a free consultation about your case.

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