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Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Although Houston is a city designed for cars, the local government has paid more attention to cyclist safety over the past decade. The Houston-Galveston Area Council offers an adult bicycle safety course, and the city of Houston has adopted a bike plan that will include building more bicycle paths. Riding a bicycle is not only good for the heart, but it is an increasingly economical method of transportation. We are pleased that so many more people are out on bicycles in Houston!

Unfortunately, cyclists in Houston will need to dodge negligent and sometimes reckless drivers, who refuse to share the road in a responsible manner. Many accidents result, leaving cyclists with painful injuries. At our law firm, we can step in and help any bicyclist who has been injured in a crash. Contact our Houston bicycle accident lawyer at Henrietta Ezeoke Law Firm for more information.

Negligent Motorists Cause Most Houston Bicycle Accidents

Texas law requires that motorists share the road with bicyclists and obey all traffic safety laws. In return, cyclists are supposed to follow the rules of the road and make turn signals so that motorists know where they are going. In our experience, many collisions are caused by negligent motorists who do not drive safely around people on two wheels.

Some of the most common examples of negligence include:

  • Following a cyclist too closely
  • Passing a bicyclist too closely
  • Illegal lane changes
  • Refusing to yield the right of way to bicyclists
  • Cutting cyclists off
  • Speeding
  • Opening a car door without checking that the path is clear
  • Driving while intoxicated or high
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving

Unfortunately, bicyclists suffer some of the most serious injuries in any collision with a motor vehicle. Larger, heavier cars and SUVs can come through without any damage other than a scratch on the hood or fender. By contrast, a cyclist can suffer horrifying injuries, including fractures, head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, nerve damage, and paralysis.

These injuries are expensive to treat. Indeed, bicycle accident victims often stagger under mammoth bills, including the cost of medical care and lost income. Their lives are turned upside down with pain, emotional distress, and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

The best way to seek compensation is to make a claim on the driver’s liability policy for your damages. This policy should cover accidents where the driver was negligent. Otherwise, you might need to sue the driver personally to seek compensation to make yourself whole. The process is complicated, and it is critical that you have evidence of what happened. Some motorists will blame you for being negligent, which could reduce the compensation you receive.

We Have More than 20 Years of Experience

Our firm can investigate an accident to determine fault and then bring a claim against the at-fault driver or any entity responsible for your collision. Nobody injured by a dangerous, negligent driver should have to shoulder their medical expenses or lost income. Let our Houston bicycle accident lawyer represent you in negotiations and fight for a meaningful settlement for your injuries.

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