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Fireball Collision in North Houston Kills One Person


Few details were available after a three-vehicle collision killed one person and injured several other people.

The crash happened in the 22400 block of Aldine Westfield Road near Hirschfield Road, close to the Mercer Botanic Gardens. Aldine Westfield Road was shut down in the area, but it was soon reopened in both directions.

It’s unclear what exactly led up to the deadly crash or how many people were injured.

Burden of Proof in Civil Cases

Evidence is essential in a court case, be it civil or criminal. But in civil court, a little evidence goes a long way. So, a no-evidence car crash claim in civil court isn’t nearly as daunting as a no-evidence case in criminal court.

A Sugar Land personal injury lawyer must prove negligence, or a lack of care, by a preponderance of the evidence, or more likely than not. Some people use the scales of justice to illustrate this burden of proof. But in civil court, the difference between proved and unproved is much more subtle.

Picture two stacks of paper side by side. Both stacks have the same number of sheets of paper. Then, someone moves a single sheet from the right to the left. As a result, the stack on the left is higher than the stack on the right. That’s a more accurate representation of a preponderance of the evidence.

A different burden of proof could apply in some cases. For example, a Missouri City personal injury lawyer must normally present clear and convincing evidence to obtain punitive damages. Additionally, this evidence must prove that the tortfeasor (negligent driver) intentionally disregarded a known risk.

Additionally, the evidence in a civil case must be credible (believable). Usually, jurors decide for themselves what evidence is believable and what evidence doesn’t meet that standard. Moreover, lawyers must present admissible evidence. Judges usually decide, based on the rules, what evidence is admissible.

Evidence in Vehicle Collision Matters

Credibility and admissibility issues often affect witness statements and medical bills, which are two of the most critical kinds of evidence in a car crash claim. That’s especially true if lawyers take shortcuts in a no-evidence case.

If no witnesses come forward at the scene, attorneys, usually working with private investigators, can locate additional witnesses. These individuals often have credibility problems. Insurance company lawyers will question their motives for testifying, since they didn’t immediately come forward. Lawyers will also question their recall, since they didn’t immediately record their statements.

Generally, a Missouri City personal injury lawyer asks colleagues to act as insurance company lawyers, much like a football team’s practice squad imitates the upcoming opponent. As a result, attorneys are well-prepared for insurance company defenses.

In Texas, medical bills are only compensable if the expenses were reasonably necessary. Usually, an independent, non-treating physician must provide the necessary testimony. Lawyers who are anxious to build cases and start the negotiation process often skip this step.

A stitch in time saves nine. Attorneys who don’t diligently do their work at the beginning of the case must go back and shore up their cases later.

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